January 16, 2023

Korean Manufacturer KUPP CO., LTD and Expancom form KUPP Americas, a Joint Venture in Costa Rica to supply HDPE pipes systems for water, sewerage, telecommunications, gas plants in Latin America.

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SAN JOSE, COSTA RICA – January 16, 2023 – KUPP CO, LTD and Expancom SA (Expancom)  have signed a joint venture (JV) agreement to manufacture, supply, sell and service PE pipe systems, such as HDPE pipes, for water supply, sewerage, telecommunications, gas plants in Costa Rica and other major Latin American countries.

The JV, Corporación KUPP America S.A (KUPP America), incorporated in Costa Rica, and located in the city of Turrialba, Costa Rica will manufacture PE pipe systems for both domestic customers as well as export to other local markets. The JV, which will benefit from a full technology transfer and on-going R&D support from KUPP CO., LTD from Korea, will use the KUPP America facility in Turrialba for manufacturing, supply, and sales operations. Expancom’s representative offices located in Miami, Florida, will serve as a trade hub for the region, as well help expand KUPP America’s network of distributors and clients in Latin America.

KEUN SUNG OH, President, and CEO, KUPP CO., LTD said: “Expancom has been a key contributor to the continued growth of our business in Latin America. Our strategic alliance reflects KUPP CO., LTD continued commitment to the Latin American market and strengthens our local market presence through technology transfer, the creation of local employment opportunities and continued investment in skills, development, and training. With our manufacturing capabilities as a springboard, KUPP CO., LTD’s corrosion-free, chemical-resistant, and highly recyclable HDPE and PP-H solutions will be critical to the success of the partnership”.

He continues, “Expancom is a terrific partner for us, particularly given its offices location in Miami and San Jose, its excellent business relations, and its established presence in the region. Our high-tech partnership will build on our combined engineering expertise, offering customers in Latin America a high quality, optimum efficiency, and competitive PE pipe systems”.

Daniel Ramos Víquez, Managing Director of Expancom, and new President of KUPP America said: “This is a vote of confidence in the Costa Rica manufacturing sector and great news for the Turrialba region, where KUPP America facilities are based. I believe this is a big step forward in KUPP CO., LTD business development plans and we are immensely proud and privileged to partnership with them.

About KUPP CO., LTD, Headquartered in Soul, South Korea, founded in 1978, KUPP started manufacturing and distributing hygienic polyethylene pipes used in overseas pipe-advanced countries with specifications and properties suitable for the Korean market. Today, KUPP is the leading Korean manufacturer of total plastic pipes and plant. KUPP supplies PE pipe products and related materials that meet global standards to water treatment and infrastructure construction sites in major developing countries around the World. KUPP, an export strong player taking a strong leap forward to new markets beyond Asia. KUPP is also continuing to collaborate with global brands overseas to propose an optimal manufacturing and supply-chain model.

About Expancom, Headquartered in San José, Costa Rica, Expancom helps customers build network infrastructure with optimal long-term success, and balance cost. Expancom serves telecommunication, energy, water supply, and construction companies with the latest technologies and quality products to help customers extract and replace networks. Operating from San José, Costa Rica and Miami, Florida, Expancom works directly with decision makers within the energy, telecom, water supply and construction sectors in Latin America.

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