August 19, 2019

Highway Fiber Optic Underground Network

The Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE), the incumbent electricity and telecommunications service provider in Costa Rica, acquired our products for installation of an underground fiber optic network along of highway in the province of Limón, Costa Rica.

ICE launched the project in November 2017. Expancom provided a solution including 10 Plumettaz Super Jet & Cable Jet machines, 215Km of flexible corrugated polyethylene duct (COD), model (32×4 lines) and 105Km 288 fiber optic cable from KUPP.

The Super Jet & Cable Jet machines are designed for blowing telecommunication cables (optical fiber, coax or multipair) in preinstalled ducts. KUPP corrugated polyethylene duct (COD) allows easy transport and reduces labor cost by rendering fast installation & reducing the construction cost.