Our Business Solutions

Market Research

Get ready. Understand your target before expanding into Latin America

Our Solutions

  • Identify, size and forecast new business opportunities
  • Identify and validate customer behaviour and requirements
  • Profile competitors
  • Monitor market trends and economic fluctuations

Our Methods

  • Quantitative methods: exit interviews and surveys by phone, mail or online
  • Qualitative methods: focus groups and face-to-face interviews

Business Development

Streamline your market entrance into Latin America

Our Solutions

  • We help vendors identify and qualify new partners and customers at a country level in Latin America.
  • Our proven expertise helps IT vendor find qualified partners and customers to increase the sales of their products & services

Our Services

International Trade

Import, export and outsource your needs in Latin America

Our Benefits

  • Import: Source your needs competitively through our range of foreign products
  • Export: Increase sales supplying foreign demand
  • Outsource: reduce operational costs leveraging labor abroad

eXpancom was formed to provide you with the knowledge and tools to capitalize on business opportunities in Latin America.

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